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Feb. 19-23

No School Friday, February 16 or Monday, February 19.

Our school is collecting Box Tops for Education, Campbell's
labels, and Pizza Ranch wagon wheels.
Please send these to school when you collect them.


Story : Fire Fighter

Grammar:  pronouns

Phonics:  suffixes

Spelling City: Fire Fighter

Common Core Standards this week.
I can identify fact and opinion in the story.
I can identify pronouns in a sentence.
I can read fluently.

Reading and Spelling Tests will be every Friday unless it is a short week. 

Then they may be moved as needed.


Spelling Words

cheerful slowly teacher
hardly yearly fighter
visitor weekly helper
graceful quickly sailor
List B
operator writer joyful
fearful creator powerful
photographer timidly actively
happily computer actor


High Frequency Words


building burning masks
quickly roar station


We typically have a math test once a week, but it varies according to the length of the chapter.

We review in class before the test so there is no study guide for home.


Common Core Standards this week

I can subtract three digit numbers with regrouping.
I can solve word problems using three digit numbers.

We do not test in science or social studies.


 Mystery Science


Mrs. Adams and I will be switching classes this year for science/social studies.  I will teach science and she will teach social studies.


Upcoming Events

No School - Monday, Feb. 19th - President's Day
Conferences - Tuesday, March 13
End of third quarter - Wednesday, March 14
No School - Thursday or Friday, March 15, 16




Common Core Standards