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October 21-25


Quarter ends - Wednesday, Oct. 23rd.

Our school is collecting Box Tops for Education, Campbell's
labels, and Pizza Ranch wagon wheels.
Please send these to school when you collect them.


Story : Scarcity

Grammar:   Cingular and Plural Nouns

Phonics: R controlled vowels


Common Core Standards this week.
I can identify facts and details in a story.
I can identify  singular and plural nouns correctly in a sentence.
I can read fluently.

Reading and Spelling Tests will be every Friday unless it is a short week. 

Then they may be moved as needed.


Spelling Words

person nurse dirt
turn birth serve
curb curl skirt
purse turtle her
List B
blurted circular emergency
bluebird sturdy hurdle
stirrup certainly purchase
thirsty chirping birch


High Frequency Words


above ago enough
toward whole word


We typically have a math test once a week, but it varies according to the length of the chapter.

We review in class before the test so there is no study guide for home.


Common Core Standards this week

I can iadd two digit numbers with regrouping.
I can solve word problems involving regrouping.

We do not test in science or social studies.




Mrs. Adams and I will be switching classes this year for science/social studies.  I will teach science and she will teach social studies.


Upcoming Events

Halloween Party - Friday, October 31st at 2:00.  Bring costume, snack, and drink.



Common Core Standards